Scott Heywood

Scott Heywood began trading forex in 2013, which lead him to record all the research included in this FX book.

From novice beginnings, his understanding of process and technology allowed him to address market trends with automated processes, overseen by some of the key management principles gleaned from his career.  From these learnings and a period of testing, The FX Robot Method was born.

Following some interesting questions originating from Rob Booker’s audience listening to a podcast about Scott’s system, the book The FX Robot Method – Trading Forex for a Living, began to take shape.   Now available for immediate download, the book charts Scott’s progress for the interest of traders and aspiring traders, who are considering the role of robots in their trading future.

In the book Scott addresses the many questions that arise about the ability to choose and test the appropriate robot to complement your trading style. In addition, he spells out his entire test regime which he used to launch Plutus, his own robot based on Rob Booker’s technology. 

The FX Robot Method is written for beginners and experienced traders alike, trying to help bridge the gap in understanding the best use of robots in a daily trading regime.   It’s not intended to be a throwaway resource, or a complete bible, instead it represents a foundation for the reader to develop their own successful trading system based on robots, but also based on clear evidence of actual results in live trading. Scott now runs a members only trading group and you can find out more at the TenFortyOne Trading website