Are you at a loss trying to understand why only some people make a decent profit forex trading? 

Are you afraid of investing money in forex you can’t afford to lose? 

How an Ex-Roadie for a Pub Rock Band Earns $1,000 per Day using Robots to Trade Forex

An overview from the Author of The FX Robot Method

The Forex robot trading ebook with a plan for aspiring forex traders who wish to use robots and remove many of the risks inherent in fx trading.

What I’ll tell you in The FX Robot Method:

  • Exactly how I progressed from zero experience with a tiny lot trade and minimal capital, to my current $1,000 per day earnings (verified by well-known independent platform)
  • My first ‘secret’ (actually I call it a tenet as I reject the notion there are magic bullets and secrets in fx trading) which protected me from losing everything and will protect you the same way
  • Exactly when and why you should consider using automation in your trading system
  • How I launched a robot that is essential to my success, without an ounce of programming knowledge

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Dear trader

Hi, I’m Scott Heywood.  I’m typing this on a laptop with a tropical sea breeze suggesting I should be relaxing and off the air. But this is the first chance I’ve had to summarize how I spent the last 2 months writing a book.

I’m only in this fortunate position because of what I’m about to tell you.

Aspiring forex traders are interested in the market because they’ve seen the potential to earn substantial profit by making the right decisions.

The mystery of the fx market for most is :

How do I earn enough money to quit my day job, while protecting myself from losing my savings?

This was the exact question I asked myself just over 3 years ago.

I was tired of working for someone else to earn a living.  Inspired by some of the information I’d seen showing the potential to trade forex and make profits, I wanted to change my life.  I had a mortgage and a family to support, and I did not want to risk our future.  I was also in a complete rut knowing there was a lot more to life than managing projects I wasn’t interested in.

I had a small nest egg and a lot of enthusiasm.  That was about all I had – having never traded a currency pair in my life, and having zero idea where to start. So began the process which I have now documented in The FX Robot Method – Trading Forex for a Living

As you dig deeper in forex, you’ll want to know :

What decisions do successful traders make every day?

Is there a trade secret or magic numbers used by successful traders?

As I learned more, I found key areas of potential failure so I will also guide you through :

  • How I added to my account and replaced my day wage over a formal experiment period of 12 months (in fact I beat my target substantially)
  • My first robot experience (and how it helped me progress to having my own robot)
  • Where positive slippage can add to your results in a system
  • What to do with the spare time you’ll have as a robot has input into your daily tasks
  • What NOT to do with your spare time! (aka distraction management and how to avoid compromising your system with the wrong decisions)
  • When to put more money on the table

This book is written by a complete beginner (that’s me) who progressed to become a successful trader (also me) over a period of 3 years.  I did it, and I could have done it quicker if I knew what I know now. Most of my results were achieved inside a short twelve month runway.

I’ll dispel the myths promoted by get-rich-quick gurus who are the only ones getting rich in their relationships with clients

The Facts

Do you need to be a genius to make money trading forex?  No.

Do you need decades of experience in trading and finance to make it as a trader? No.

Is it possible to make enough money to replace the income from your day job? You bet. I did it.

My robot

Over a period of 3 years I optimized and launched my system in the live market, supported by my robot, Plutus. He wasn’t with me from the start, Plutus became part of my system when I determined his work would be superior to my own in certain circumstances.  We became high-performing colleagues as Plutus faithfully executed my instructions, day-in, day-out, hail or shine.  I’ll tell you when he was born and how we work together in my book.

This book is a chance for you to use my lessons learned to accelerate the results you’re able to achieve while making robots a part of your trading system.  It’s something I wish existed when I was starting out.

I hope you enjoy reading how I did it, and that you’re equipped and inspired to trade forex for a living as a result.

All the best



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The FX Robot Method book covers these all-important points for forex traders :

  • The second ‘secret’ (or my tenet) which underpins all my activity and ensures I grow my account safely and sustainably – this same approach will protect you from the major mistake most new traders make
  • The key question you MUST ask yourself before you decide to embark on the quest to make your full time income from forex trading
  • How I launched Plutus (my robot) with no programming experience and no understanding of the technical platforms which run robots and Expert Advisers
  • The reasons I completely trust my robot’s role in my system
  • Exactly when I get involved in trade decision making and how I make this work (Hint: I don’t do much of the day to day work!)
  • How to make sure a robot suits your own system
  • Choosing the right robot for you
  • How to exhaustively test your robot before playing with real money in the live markets. I will walk you step by step through my testing regime in plain english – it’s not technical and not full of industry jargon
  • When simulation testing should play a part in the launch of your system
  • How to optimize your system with robot support, and how much time to spend optimizing before live launch
  • The benefits and pitfalls of testing in your demo account
  • How to safely progress to live trading from your test regime
  • How many pairs to consider and trade as a beginner
  • The minimum amount you should enter the market with and the reasons why I recommend this (hint: it’s less than most people spend on a holiday)
  • How to scale up – grow your account sustainably and responsibly
  • How to avoid betting the farm on trades that won’t always go your way
  • How I trade from vacation spots and remote locations (like now!) whenever I want
  • The no-go and danger periods to avoid when trading
  • Drawdowns – how and when to expect and how to manage these
  • How to survive catastrophic market events and how I came out the other side of some major unexpected market changes
  • How I got fired from my job before firing myself
  • Alternative approaches to making money from fx trading if you don’t want your own system and robot
  • The details of my entire 12 month scheduled experiment to prove if I could or couldn’t replace my income trading for a living (hint: I could!)
  • Trading cliches which are barriers to your success and what to do about them
  • Trading truisms that will help underpin your own system success
  • What to do about individual bad trades that impact your profitability
  • My own Holy Grail of forex trading (hint: it’s not religiously relevant and it’s simple stuff driven by everything else I will teach you in the book)
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