The FX Robot Method describes the foundation of Scott Heywood’s trading system, which has been covered on Rob Booker’s Trader Radio.  Scott’s system is underpinned by his robot Plutus, which in turn is based on Rob Booker’s Finch robot. Scott runs the system and directs the robot based on strict criteria which contain his risk and deliver regular and consistent profits.

Originally based on questions from the audience of Rob Booker’s initial podcast interview, Scott set about documenting the history of his process, focussing on how ‘robots’, as they are known in the industry, support day-to-day forex trading.

For the beginner, the prospect of the robot and system complexities can be daunting. In the book, Scott (who was a complete novice to forex trading three years ago) unravels in plain english with minimal industry jargon, how he came to understand the markets and the underlying tenets allowing him to make money consistently. In fact he made profits so consistently, he completely replaced the income from his day job – leaving to trade forex full time for a living in May 2016.